The third and last result

The final and last output of the project is here!

The third result is a “Guidelines for museums and cultural institutions”, to promote the availability of AAC tools and to define the profile and organisation of operators competent to use it with children and young people, always supporting educational systems. 

This result systematizes the previous results and goes beyond them, aiming at a model of organic management of the activities by cultural organizations. It widens the look to how the cultural organization can autonomously acquire the capacity to build AAC paths and propose them to schools and families.

You can find this result available with no charge as always in our website in 8 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, and Greek.

It has three main focuses. A guidelines resulting from the practice experimented in the project, for the creation and management of tools and procedures that the cultural organizations need to take into account. A training of the team to build the profile of each component necessary to guarantee the full implementation of the service in AAC (educational, technical, administrative, managerial) and the continuous updating, including the technological evolution. And the dissemination of the model of cultural visit with AAC thanks to the experience and the exchange of ideas among the partners, and the comparison with national and European stakeholders supporting the idea that it is possible to build a specific network of cultural institutions specialized in the promotion of the guidelines and specific professional skills, to enlarge the base of museums and exhibitions ready to adopt the AAC permanently and to train their staff.