Training activities within the aacc project have been successfully completed

C8 2022-11-30 01

We are pleased to announce an important milestone achieved by the project “A.A.C.cessible Culture: museums for everyone developing the Alternative Augmentative Communication tools” [AACC]: The training activities aimed at the project’s operating partners have been successfully completed!

Various training sessions (called C) were carried out during the project, to give all the figures involved the necessary knowledge and operational skills for the correct planning, design, and management of the activities. The courses were carried out in two ways: classroom training and field experimentations

The first training C1 was carried out in Crema, from 28 – 30 September 2021 in Crema, Italy. During this training, the Partners had the opportunity to understand and experience the potential and methods of using AAC strategies, understanding the technical, methodological knowledge, and educational skills essential for the work team to use the AAC in schools, museums, and cultural institutions.

The next two training moments, C2 and C3, were carried out online in February 2022, due to difficulties related to the pandemic emergency. The C2 training was focused on an analysis of the conditions necessary to work and interact with young people with fewer opportunities in the cultural field and on the selection of tools. The C3 course focused on the creation of inclusive educational and cultural paths from the point of view of communication.

The same training scheme was then tested in 4 different countries (April 2022 C4 in Genoa, Italy; May 2022 C5 in Katerini, Greece, June 202

2 C6 in Madeira, Portugal, and July 2022 C7 in Iasi, Romania), selected as prevalent for the testing of visits and workshops with children with communication needs and SEN in selected museums and other cultural structures, thanks to the collaboration of operating or associated partners. During the 4 experimentations, moments of training and brainstorming alternated with field trials of the AACC tools, thus making it possible to observe different local realities and carry out experimentations thanks to the involvement of schools, teachers, and students.

The last C8 experimentation was carried out in Genoa, Italy, between November and December 2022. During the course, as happened in the previous courses, moments of classroom training alternated with field activities for the verification of the identified AACC tools, thus making it possible to observe the activities thanks to the involvement of schools and students. The project partners had several moments of sharing ideas to verify the set material together, actively collaborating in the revision, to share coherent methodologies and settings.

We sincerely thank all the subjects and organizations that participated in the trials, the structures that hosted our activities, and all those who collaborated in carrying out these training sessions! All these activities have been fundamental for the implementation of the project and for developing the skills necessary for defining paths for the use of spaces and contents through the application of AAC strategies aimed at people with SEN and communication difficulties.