The third and last result

The final and last output of the project is here! The third result is a “Guidelines for museums and cultural institutions”, to promote the availability of AAC tools and to define the profile and organisation of operators competent to use it with children and young people, always supporting educational systems.  This result systematizes the previous […]

Multiplier Events

During the month of March 2023 all the partners held their own Multiplier Event. These were national events with the main aims of raising awareness of the project and its results, and encouraging exploitation of results by the direct and indirect target groups. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to present the synthesis of the […]

Training activities within the aacc project have been successfully completed

We are pleased to announce an important milestone achieved by the project « A.A.C.cessible Culture: museums for everyone developing the Alternative Augmentative Communication tools » [AACC]: The training activities aimed at the project’s operating partners have been successfully completed! Various training sessions (called C) were carried out during the project, to give all the figures involved the […]

Now, all our products available in 8 languages!

The experimentation phase is almost done after several months implementing for the first time the first output of our project. Also, at the same time the partnership is working on the last details of the second output that soon will be available on our website. In the meanwhile, we have something new we are very […]